ICSA's E-Library contains over 25,000+ documents. ICSA members have access to the entire E-Library. Nonmembers have limited access.

If you are not already an ICSA member, become one now. Members receive ICSA Today and International Journal of Cultic Studies. Members can also access a database of 20,000+ articles on about 1000 groups, as well as all back issues of ICSA's journals, magazines, and newsletters going back to 1985. Become a member and gain access to the complete e-library.

Everybody may access FAQs, study guides and assistance collections, e-books, information on groups, recent press news, links, people profiles, an index of articles published in ICSA journals, Nonmembers may gain temporary access to the database of group articles by completing a brief survey.

ICSA's events - conferences, workshops, special events, local meetings - also provide excellent opportunities to learn about the cultic studies field. ICSA is unique in how it coordinates and integrates the needs of its four main constituencies: former group members, concerned family members, helping professionals, and researchers. ICSA events appeal to all four of these constituencies.

Although our capacity to give individualized responses to inquiries is limited, we do what we can and, when appropriate and feasible, refer inquirers to people who may be able to give additional assistance. If this service interests you, contact us.

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