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Art - Pomery

ICSA Today, Vol. 2, No. 2, 2011

Visual Art: 
Wellspring and Healing 

Helen Pomery

In January 2007, through the help of generous sponsors, I went to

Wellspring for the two week course.

It helped me in many ways, and

much of what I learnt there has

remained as a foundation to build on.

Knowledge and personal insight into cult dynamics have enabled me to love my “trapped”family even more.

I was encouraged and validated

by the whole Wellspring experience.

Photography and Healing

In 2001 I lost my marriage, two children, my grandchildren, my home, my job...

I was desperately ill and alone.

The cult had taken almost everything I love so dearly.

In the midst of the nightmare, my camera became my constant companion, and photography brought healing to my troubled mind and soul.

Capturing light and shadows, colour and form, allowed my mind to rest from all the pain.

Creating and capturing images of a beautiful world connected me to life and living.

Wellspring Retreat - Photos taken January, 2007

Everything was getting too much, and I was feeling so sad, so I grabbed my camera, and did some photography.

The trees were bare, yet the grasses in the sunlight were beautiful in simple form and colour. Grass seeds, leaves and twigs seemed so small and insignificant in that desolate landscape. Yet, lit by sunlight, they were transformed into images of beauty and fascination.

Through the viewfinder of my camera, I saw the beauty of nature, and felt thankful and calm, again.