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How to Find What You Are Looking For on This Site

The table below will enable you to browse through many of the reasons why people come to the ICSA site. You may find your particular interest(s) listed there.  When you go to a page, look left for links to more information.



Find out about an ICSA conference, workshop or other eventEvents  (the events page is relevant to virtually all site visitors)
Renew/initiate ICSA membershipMembership
Learn more about ICSAAbout us
Former members seeking assistance or information


Former member study guide

Info for SGAs (second-generation adults - people born or raised in cultic groups)

Second-generation adults (SGAs) topic collection

Families concerned about a loved one

Family study guide


Mental health professionals seeking information, education, and peers to consult with.

Mental health study guide

Mental health network

Recovery and counseling issues topic collection

Researchers or college students who want to familiarize themselves with the professional literature and/or connect with other researchers

Researcher study guide

Research network

Academic disputes and dialogue topic collection

High school students seeking information

Student study guide

Lawyers who need information or experts

Legal professionals study guide

Human rights and cults topic collection

Get a brief overview of the field


Cults 101 topic collection

Info on ICSA’s magazine and scholarly journal

Submit an article to an ICSA periodical

ICSA Today

IJCS (International Journal of Cultic Studies)

Clergy and others interested in spiritual abuse and religious aspects of the cult phenomenon

Clergy study guide

Spiritual Abuse Resources

Spiritual Safe Haven Network

Guidelines for the spiritually abused

Guidelines for faith communities

Teach young people; preventive education

Educators study guide

Education network

Free e-books

Complete survey and receive the link

Temporary access to e-library

Complete survey and receive temporary code

Access free conference videos

ICSA Youtube channel

Interested in contributing or exploring artistic expressions of cult experience


Experts biographical sketches

People profiles

Access from a Library

Complete library survey

ICSA bookstore / List of books pertinent to ICSA’s interests

Book list

Find a support group

reFOCUS support group list

Information on groups

Group info page

Info on children and child custody

Children topic collection

Child custody topic collection

Info on terrorism and cults

Terrorism topic collection

Info on exit counseling

Exit counseling topic collection

Info on trauma

Trauma topic collection

Info on Catholic aberrations

Catholic aberrations topic collection

Info on government and public policy

Government and public policy topic collection

Info on recent news stories

Recent News Stories

Links outside this site

Links page

List of articles on this site

Index of ICSA articles

Index of articles ICSA has published

Book list

Find counselors knowledgeable about cultic dynamics

Counseling Resources