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Positions and Policies

ICSA believes that the issues it studies are complex and multidisciplinary and, consequently, demand an openness to the expression and consideration of diverse viewpoints.  ICSA rarely takes a formal position on specific issues, preferring to encourage people who contribute to ICSA's boards, committees, conferences, publications, or other research and educational activities to articulate individual opinions, which colleagues and others may comment upon.  ICSA believes that such dialogue is a vital part of the pursuit of truth.  However, ICSA's openness to diverse opinions that arise in dialogue is not an endorsement of any particular opinion, individual, group, or organization.

An opinion can only be considered to be the position of ICSA when the Board of Directors has formally passed a resolution making it ICSA's position.

Because of ICSA's emphasis on dialogue and the encouragement of diverse points of view, all opinions expressed by individuals associated with ICSA - including members, directors, staff, advisors, authors of articles in ICSA periodicals, and presenters at ICSA events - should be interpreted as that person's private opinion and should not be assumed to reflect a position of the organization.  Neither should the expression of private individual opinions, even those of directors or staff, be perceived as necessarily representing any kind of consensus opinion within the organization.