"There is beauty in my mind now" by Ava Lynn Williams.. 
The artist's work is published in ICSA Today 4.2, 2013
along with the story of her spiritual abuse experiences. 


Spiritual Abuse Resources (SAR) provides information and assistance to:

-  victims of spiritual abuse
-  clergy and other religious professionals 
            (see Spiritual Safe Haven Network pages)
-  mental health professionals
-  families
-  anyone concerned about spiritual abuse

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Annual Conference of International Cultic Studies Association (July 5-7, 2018, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

High-Control Groups: Helping Former Members and Families (November 3-5, 2017, Santa Fe, New Mexico)

What is Spiritual Abuse?

The resources on this Website conceive of spiritual abuse in different ways.

Some apply the term spiritual abuse to any kind of psychological, physical, or sexual abuse that takes place in a religious context.  Others apply the term specifically to manipulations that damage a person's relationship to God or to his/her core self. Spiritual abuse has been reported in mainstream religious organizations as well as nonmainstream groups, such as cults.

The terms psychological abuse or emotional abuse  refer to harms that overlap those associated with both conceptualizations of spiritual abuse. These harms include but are not limited to: damaged self-esteem, induced dependency, impaired capacity to trust, and emotional reactions such as anger, anxiety, and depression. In some cases, one's faith in God may also be shaken.

To a large degree, the choice of a term, psychological abuse or spiritual abuse, depends upon the framework (psychological or religious) with which the speaker/writer feels comfortable. 

This Website finds value in resources coming from psychological and religious frameworks, though obviously some issues, e.g., questions about God's mercy, may require religious concepts to address properly.  We hope that readers will remain open to both perspectives and make their own determinations about what information is useful to them.  More on What is Spiritual Abuse

How Can You Benefit from This Site?

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