The Apps above are publicly available without login - Click folder icon to access the raw APK's.


LOG INTO and address security alert.

USSD REMOTE TOP UP for TR, Wifi Fixer , SMS cleaner , Telerivet and Airdroid Business Daemon are in the folder. Roamnest

To Provision a phone simply go to (this page), install the 5 files located inside the folder above, To download the file once you have have clicked on the folder on the phone, hold the down pointing arrow located top right of the screen (grab pictured on the left) not the blue download icon located center. When done they will then appear in downloads in file manager, on the phone.

When downloaded to the phone just click on them in downloads located in file manager, on the phone to install.

You may be promoted and directed to android settings to turn on "allow any app".

No login is needed to anywhere except with the TR app and AD app.

1 Click Cleaner looks like it will enpty everything daily hourly or weekly , test it , make it daily.

Apps must autostart and maps, youtube, music, all non essentials must be disabled in the apps section in settings.

Remember Groups on TR cannot be located together location wise, they must be virtual groups and randomise the wait time , sleep time slightly for each hands


Key in your *02* Voucher number # and the "send" key to top up. This is done on TR website once USSD installednad phone rebooted.

* #100# DIsplay devlce phone number

Telerivet settings:

3 retries on fail

random seconds between 66 and 77 for wait time.

Connection "always on'

Sleep 1.30am wake 6am. (vary slightly by a few mins for each phone so we don's appear at the same second)

The Key Objective is to provision a phone once, get everything running on boot and then forget it as it can be remotely managed. Feel free to miss any steps if you love being stressed out, and dont mind running around like a headless chicken to pick up the phone a second and third time to finish the job!

with 250 phones on the horizon, procedure is everything.

Below are advanced debug apps only



The Issue

After flashing JellyBean you are not able to send SMS, getting an SMS Error everytime. This is because the SMSC Number is not defined, or defined the wrong way

The Solution

You have to define the SMSC Number in PDU Format to make it work again.. so how to do it ?

1.) Open up PDU Encoder

2.) Insert your desired SMSC Number in the SMSC Field

Leave the receiver field blank

Alphabet Size should be 7

Delete the "how are you?" so that it is blank

Convert it

3.) On the hexadecimal PDU Message dont use the first field (AT+CMGW=x)

We will use the PDU Message on the second field

In my Case (Hutchison 3G Austria) 06913466006006110000910000AA00

4.) On your phone enter the phone number *#*#4636#*#*

Go to telephone info and click on the SMSC Tab (which is blank at the moment)

Enter your PDU Message from above

Click on the First Refresh Button (it should display update error, this is normal)

Click on the second Refresh Button (in this case it could display the number or still give you an error - but should work nonetheless)

You Are Done !!

Device Provisioning