Want to earn 100 points towards your DC Trip?  Sell 7 coupon books and earn 100 points.  It is easy.  The books are $25.  It is a bargain, purchasers earn their $25 x10 when they use the coupons.  They are all places that are kid friendly; McDonald's, Moe's, Bowling, Laser Tag, Funplex, Dave and Buster's, Dick's Sporting Goods, Macys...just to name a few!  Sign out a book to check it out.  No obligation to sell!  If you won't use it, just return it.


Every student at ICMS grades 6 - 8 are members of the D.C. Club!  The purpose of this club is to plan a trip to Washington D.C. in our students' 8th grade year.  The cost of this trip is approximately $619, so we strive to give students ample opportunities to raise funds beginning in 6th grade to off set the cost of this fun educational trip.  6th - 8th grade students can participate in planning their trip, in addition to fundraising for their trip, by joining the D.C. Club Itinerary Committee or Executive Council.  The trip to our Nation's Capitol itself gives ICMS 8th grade students an exciting once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover, grasp, and interact with, first hand, the American History they have been learning about in the classroom!

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