Club History

If you have any material relating to history of the ICENI MG Owners Club please get in touch

The first Boadicea Run was held on 14th July 1996 and we have a copy of the route in the archives. If anyone has any other old route books please get in touch.

Click here to view the oldest newsletter we have been able to trace. It is not dated but we think it must be very late 1994 or early 1995.
The 2nd newsletter was published in May 1995, click here to view it.

A few newspaper cuttings :-


This photo was provided by Peter Lister from the first ICENI run that he attended - the Land/Air Rally held at Ipswich Airport on Sunday 15th August 1993.
The couple in the car (a Naylor TF1500) are Freda & John Taylor, on the right is Lyn Tillotson, the lady in white is Maddy Cutting, the tall guy with the red hat is Dave Seabourne. Peter is clearly recognisable in the dark blue sweater.

We have found this photograph, can anyone identify the date, the venue, the people or the cars?