These are the general FAQ's that freshers have. It's here for your reference.


Things to be carried the first time you travel to USA-




  • 5 – 6 sets of Official Transcripts from your University
  • All the documents related to Visa including the sevis form etc
  • All the certificates related to your extracurricular activities
  • Passport
  • 3-4 copies of E ticket’s
  • Degree certificates including marks memo, degree completion certificate, provisional certificate etc
  • GRE/ TOEFL score cards
  • I20’s of all the universities that you have applied for.
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • Sweaters, hoodies
  • Thermals
  • Formal wear
  • 1 or 2 jackets


  • Medicines for common ailments like cold, cough
  • Pickles and other food items are up to your discretion. Otherwise you get everything here.
  • Indian insurances do not work here. Please do not buy any insurance from there. Every international student must and should buy FDU medical insurance.
  • Carry $1500 additional to the tuition fee specified per semester in various denominations.
  • Carry your Indian license along with the international driving permit in case you are looking to drive a vehicle here.
  • Utensils include a plate, glass, vessel, and cooker. You can get them all here as well.


Things to keep in mind while looking for accommodation

  • Lease, lease period and what are being covered in the Lease.
  • Utilities being covered in the rent.
  • Whether or not Social security number (SSN) is required.
  • NOTE – SSN can only be obtained with an on campus employment or CPT/ OPT.
  • Location of the apt
  • Room mates
  • Ease of transport in and around the area.

Also please note- for the fee, u need to deduct the scholarship amount from the total fee and get the remaining as check or demand draft. Also we feel it's better u have a min of $ 1500 extra in hand for all the unexpected expenses u mite have to face. All the ways of paying the fee are mentioned on Fdu website