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English 10/11

I call two of the classes I teach each day English 10/11 because most students in the classes are either sophomores or juniors.  However, occasionally there are several seniors mixed in.  The state requirement of four years of English makes it necessary for Tate to offer a good number of English classes to meet the needs of all students, especially in light of failed efforts at prior placements.  For this reason, I often have the same students twice in a day. 

However, because we are a small school and our schedule is driven by the math curriculum sequence, we understand that this means our principal needs the flexibility to place students where they will earn the credit they need and receive the challenge they deserve. 

What this means for me is essentially a three-year rotating curriculum.  Because many of my students are juniors this year, I will be unable to teach the same materials next year when my current sophomores are juniors and need a placement.  The same conceivably holds true for the following year when I may have a senior who has already read a text in my class as a tenth grader.