Student Review

Book: Football Genius

Author: Tim Green

Reviewed by: Nasr Nasr

This story is about a kid, Troy White, who has a special gift; he can predict plays in a game before they happen. Even though this is a helpful gift, he has a hard time trying to get other people to believe him. He needed to convince Seth Halloway, the linebacker, that he wasn’t lying. Staying with his mom, they built a good relationship together. But her job is on the line and unless he can convince the team that he isn’t lying his mom might be out of a job.

      Anyone who likes stories about sports, especially football would enjoy this book. It’s a good read and definitely an inspirational book for all to read.

Student Review

Book: Thirteen Reasons Why

Author: Jay Asher

Reviewed by: Bobbie

This book is about a girl named Hannah Baker. She committed suicide, but before she did she made thirteen tapes and on each tape was a person’s name and a story that was one of the reasons why she killed herself. The day she died she sent them to the first person on the tapes and said that you have to pass them on or she gave someone a second set who will release them publicly. The 9th person is Clay; who is the main character. Hannah said he isn’t really a reason, she just wanted to explain everything she was going through, as well as apologize to him. As Clay was listening to the tapes he went to everyplace in town the Hannah mentioned so he could better understand what was going on in her head. By the time he finished all the tapes he realized he missed all the signs that she was going to kill herself.

Who would like this book? Anyone who likes mystery and can take a lot of sadness.     

Student Review

Book: Catching Fire

Author: Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire was a great sequel to the Hunger Games. The amount of suspense never changed from the first book. It continued right where the first one left off and all the same characters were still present in the story. Collins does a great job exposing each character and all of the old ones from the first book, without changing who they are. In Catching Fire, Katniss, the girl on fire, is tested more than ever. I believe people of all ages would love to read this book because it’s a quick, suspenseful, fun book to read.

Student Review

Book: Emako Blue

Author: Brenda Woods

Reviewed by: SeToya Chambers

This book was about a young girl named Emako. She could sing, she was smart, and she is very pretty and sweet. Emako had guys coming left to right so of course she was hated on. Emako was only 15, a sophomore in high school. Her best friend was Monterey and her guy friend was Jamal. They were all tight, even Eddie, Jamal’s best friend and Monterey’s guy friend. Emako was going to be signed with a record label, but not until after graduation, her mother insisted.  Emako already had her future planned out. Emako had a big brother who was in jail. He had a lot of people after him. He ended up getting an early release. One day he was outside on his mother’s porch. Emako went out to get the phone and someone did a drive by intending to hit her brother but instead the bullet hit Emako and she died.

You have to read this book. It is a MUST… this book will bring you to tears! This is one of my all time favorites and it’s been one of my favorites for about five years now.


Student Review

Book: Every Thug Needs A Lady

Author: Wahida Clark

Reviewed by: SeToya Chambers

This book was about four girl friends who all struggled growing up. Some were hooked on drugs, some sold drugs, and some had abusive boyfriends. But they all managed to get out of the messed up situations they were in. Now all four girls are graduating college with all kinds of degrees and PhD’s and they are all happily in love. They are either with kids or have kids on the way and they are all married or engaged. They are all involved with men from the game, such as drug dealers etc… but they have all retired and some of them own their own businesses.

This is a real attention getting book, the whole series is. I promise I wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t. Just try it out and I promise you won’t be disappointed. But before you read this, you have to read “Thugs and the Women Who Love Them.”

Student Review

Book: Danger Zone

Author: David Klass

Reviewed by: Nasr Nasr

Jim Doyle, 17 years old, 6’1 with blonde hair is in tip top shape for basketball season. He lives in Graham, Minnesota. Jimmy’s dad died of a heart attack when Jimmy was 11. He lives with his mother and two sisters, making little income. They own a hardware store but it’s hard to keep up because of the debt that their father left them in when he passed away. Jimmy got the opportunity to show his skills in basketball when he was invited to play in the 17 and under tournament in LA. At first he wasn’t opposed to the idea because he thought his mother needed his help in the store but they both sat down and talked about it and he took the next flight to LA. Right when he stepped out he knew he had to prove himself to the nine other players on the team.

Student Review

Book: Someone to Love Me

Author: Anne Schraff

Reviewed by: Shatoria Eastling

Someone to Love Me is a story about a young teenager who feels that no one loves her besides her grandma. Her grandma is getting very sick though, she’s not remembering things quite well. So just like any ordinary teenager she tries to find the easy way out, by getting the attention she’s not getting from home by dudes. She feels that her mom doesn’t care about her either. The only thing she cares about is her new boyfriend, who she knows is bad news. 

 In the end she learns that no guy is good to be with if you’re not happy, and that her and her mother became closer than they thought because her mom found out the truth and she finally got the love that she wanted.      

Student Review

Book: Someone Like You

Author: Sarah Dessen

Reviewed by: Rebecca Hathaway

Someone Like You is a book about two teenage girls, Scarlett and Halley. They have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Teachers, boys and friends seem to be the most important things in Halley and Scarlet’s lives until Scarlet’s boyfriend dies in a motorcycle accident. Soon after, Scarlett finds out she’s pregnant with his baby. Halley becomes involved with Macon, a rich bad boy who is everything her parents don’t want for her. Together, Halley and Macon help Scarlett out of getting an abortion, and stick with her through the whole pregnancy. During Macon and Halley’s relationship, Macon starts pushing her for sex and Halley refuses. After their fight, Macon and Halley get in the car and he drives very fast and gets in an accident, nearly killing her. After that she doesn’t speak to Macon. Months pass by, Scarlett becomes good friends with a nerdy boy named Cameron, and on the night of prom Scarlett goes into labor and the entire high school comes to the hospital.

Any teenage girl would like this book, it tells a lot about what teenage life can be like and what young girls can face during high school.