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LGBTQ Resources

The "It Gets Better" Project
In September 2010 suicides in teens prompted by in school Bullying became the main headline in the news. In response, Dan Savage, a LGBTQ columnist made a Youtube video. In the video Savage told of how he endured bullying and how horrible his teen years were, but in the end it did get better. Since then hundreds of people, both famous and everyday citizens, both gay and straight, have shared their stories with the world about how they were bullied in childhood but in the end it did get better. The videos have helped some teens look toward the future and decide death isn't the only escape. To learn more visit: or the official "It Gets Better" Youtube:

The Trevor Project
A service set up to help kids who are feeling alone because of their sexuality and to prevent suicide among LGBTQ youth. They are there to talk if you're feeling alone. Visit the official site at: or call the Trever project hotline at 1-866-488-7386. It's 24/7 and there is always someone who will listen.