My current research focus are:

  • Computer networks
  • Wireless networks
  • Sensor networks (WSN)
  • Mobile Ad hoc networks (Manets)
  • Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETS)

If you are interested in some of those areas, you may want to check my papers.

Selected Projects that I collaborate(d) with:

  • Sensory Phone (in collaboration with Sensing and Energy Research Group (SERG) - Microsoft Research): The SensoryPhone project aims to develop an energy efficient phone software and hardware platform for sensor oriented tasks.
  • DIVA (in collaboration with PARADISE research Laboratory, at University of Ottawa): The vision shared by the proposed network participants is to see developed and deployed distributed, robust, secure and fault-tolerant communication solutions that will enable the proliferation of intelligent vehicular network systems to reduce roadway fatalities, fossil-fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestions, while providing drivers and passengers with driving comfort applications such as location-aware services, multimedia streaming, local news, tourist information and alert messages on highways and city streets.

In Portuguese:

  • Modelos Matemático-Computacionais com Aplicações em Problemas Complexos – Pronex III (CNPq/Fapeal 67.0001/2008-2): Este projeto tem por objetivo criar as condições necessárias para o avanço científico e o desenvolvimento tecnológico no âmbito da Universidade Federal de Alagoas em áreas relevantes e inovadoras de Matemática, Matemática Computacional e Aplicada, Engenharia e Biologia, através da criação de um Núcleo de Excelência que envolve pesquisadores desta Universidade e de outras Instituições.