Tea Culture

“To entertain guests with tea, to meet friends with tea, to send tea as gift, to express feelings with tea” is important life context of Chinese, also an important characterization of Chinese culture.

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Sun Moon Lake is located at altitude of 700m in Taiwan, surrounded by mountains and lakes with remarkable environment for growing black teas. The unique climates and soils, make the quality of Sun Moon Lake black tea stand out from other tea varieties in the world. 

Our black tea is planted in a small scale tea farm in Sun Moon Lake using non-pesticide, non-chemical fertilizer cultivation. Because of the natural farming planting patterns, unlike large tea company, we can only sustain smaller yields of tea each harvest. But we believe it’s the quality that counts, not the quantity!

Throne Black Tea Sun Moon Lake Tea

“Dragons” are omnipresent in Chinese area. Chinese consider ancestors and the Dragon god as the master of the offspring’s fortune. Under the altar in the ancestral shrine the Dragon god must be set up, which enjoys the same veneration as ancestors all year round, known as Dragon god grand uncle or Dragon god grand uncle of the residence.
 “THRONE TEA” has been awarded in “Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Contest in Taiwan” for 3 consecutive years (2014~2016), it’s perfect both as a present and for one's own enjoyment. Explore the most distinguished black teas in Taiwan. With non-pesticide, non-chemical fertilizer cultivation, Throne Tea offers tea varieties such as Ruby 18 (Hongyu), No. 21 Black Tea, Native Mountain (Yuchi Wild Shan Cha), Assam, and Herbal tea, available in loose leaf, bags and pyramid. It’s perfect both as a present and for one's own enjoyment.