Iberia R-V Surplus

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The Iberia R-V School District hereby advertises the sale of surplus property. For a complete listing and photographs of items, see the district website (www.iberia.k12.mo.us) or pick up a listing at the Central Office, 201 Pemberton Drive, Iberia, MO. Persons wishing to inspect the property may call the Iberia R-V Central Office (573-793-6818) to arrange an appointment. The property will be sold as-is by sealed bid. All persons wishing to bid must either submit a bid online or present a sealed bid with name, phone number, item #, quantity (if needed), and bid amount, to the attention of Lyndel R. Whittle, Superintendent, Iberia R-V School District, 201 Pemberton Drive, Iberia, Missouri, 65486. Bid submission forms can be found on the district website, picked up at the Central Office, or completed on-line. Bids must be received no later than 3:00 on Friday, August 31, 2018. Please write on the sealed bid, “Surplus Sale Bid”.  The Board of Education reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids. Winning bidders will be notified on September 4, 2018, in order to arrange pickup and payment.  

Pictures of Surplus items can be found here:   Iberia R-V Surplus 

Items for Surplus:

Cafeteria tables - 12-ft foldable (Qty. 15)


Cooler, 3-door - McCall Model 4070 (Qty. 1)


Milk Cooler, Beverage-Air Model SMF58 (Qty. 2)


Prep Table - 8 ft, w/ sink, drawer, bottom shelf, and upper shelf (Qty. 1)


Stove - Vulcan Snorkel, LP, 6 burners, 4 burner hot plate, 2 ovens (Qty. 1)


Prep Table/Spice Table - 5 ft, w/ bottom shelf, 2 drawers, 2 upper shelves (Qty. 1)


Prep Table - 5 ft, w/ bottom shelf and drawer (Qty. 1)


Prep Table - 50 in, laminate top (Qty. 1)


Pot Rack - hanging, 3 bar (Qty. 1)


Serving Table - Zahner, 13 ft, 4 burners, bottom shelves, sneeze-guard (Qty. 1)


Sink Counter - 138 in, 5 sinks, 3 faucets, 1 sprayer (Qty. 1)


Dish Table - 63 in, bottom shelf (Qty. 1)


Serving Table - Aerohol, 6 ft, 5 burner, 2 tray racks, bottom shelf, sneeze-guard (Qty. 1)


Prep Table - 3 ft, w/ drawer and bottom shelf


Glass Panels - ¼ in., assorted sizes - (Qty. 15+)