Welcome to Iberia CTA's Page!

What Iberia's CTA can do for you:


  • gives teachers a voice and an opportunity to be involved in our teaching community
  • organizes and submits MSTA membership forms
  • discusses board meetings and district issues
  • provides breakfast for all staff for 1 day during American Education Week (November)
  • plans/throws staff Christmas party
  • provides Administration Appreciation holiday gifts
  • provides gifts to board members during Board Appreciation Month (January)
  • attends MSTA Convention and other South Central events and reports about them to the CTA
  • provides snacks during Teacher Appreciation Week (May)
  • provides a TAB committee which meets and discusses TAB concerns with Administration and Board Members (concerns submitted anonymously by teachers)
  • provides a Salary Committee who researches and proposes salary increases/incentives at board meetings
  • plans/throws the staff retirement party/end of the year celebration
  • provides CTA appreciation and incentives throughout the year
  • awards a drawing winner for CTA meeting attendance

What you can do for CTA:


  • pay $15.00 dues
  • attend 6 meetings a year
  • enjoy the benefits CTA and MSTA provides for you!

If you want to be more involved:

  • Attend CTA meetings (only 6/year!)
  • Speak with CTA Leadership about opportunities inside and outside of the district.


Adopted October 2018

Iberia CTA Bylaws