Collage of Cooperative Learning Activity

IASCE dissolved its non-profit incorporation in late 2019. IASCE, first formed in 1979, has been the only international, non-profit organization for educators who research and practice cooperative learning. We have sponsored and co-sponsored conferences in 12 countries and partnered with organizations, to support their conference efforts, in several more. We have supported the publication of books and cooperative-learning themed issues of journals that have been disseminated by prestigious publishers in multiple countries. Most importantly we have networked with and met many of you—our members and readers—and learned about your work and admired your commitment to improving the life-chances of children and their families.

In late Spring 2020, IASCE will publish a final commemorative edition. Our website will remain available throughout 2020 and all remaining issues of the newsletter will be posted. Please download any website content that you may wish to access after 2020.

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