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I and B is a company established in 2008, based on Troy, MI. It has gained quite the experience working in numerous industries such as: office, school, hotel, church, clinic, store, beauty salon, factory, property, and house. I and B has specialized in commercial cleaning and  maid service,  and aim firm quality for every customer. Nowadays, with so many available and variable cleaning jobs, worry with lots  ads on-line, how could a customer make a clever choice? Now then, what is it that keeps qualitative cleaning service of high standing? The shorten answer is possibly: the quality, ever care matters, the experience, and a well - rationally organized company. The more it digs in the overall work, and give the proper care making customer feel comfortable, the more these whole, right things will be useful for the  mutual business. The janitorial company varies according to quality and effectiveness. Here is what the customer to take into consideration when trying to find a qualitative service.       

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The responsible company inspires confidence and guarantees satisfaction to customer, while its business policy seems to be the unvarnished truth, and principles of the bilateral agreement firmly grounded to plead solely on job interest. The price is moderate one full year at least, and the bid is submitted to get the job done every day or night for each task.

The job should be accomplished with brand equipment, tools, green cleaning product, and the teams, carefully chosen from mature people. The company policy must accentuate, that they take cautious steps, hiring the cleaner staff by doing a background check, interview, train and work with them. 

The company well - based on rational plan, points out the work in teams. It gives the crew its due: fair rate per hour, necessary hours and brand supply and making  sure that the job gets done at the right and proper time. Keeping at it, for whatever tasks they are doing and be ensured we against employee turnover.















Looking through the scientist, Director, Clinical Microbiology and Immunology Dr. Philip M. Tier, JR has written evidence:

 "To promote a healthier environment, it is recommended to remove this stuck on dirt every few weeks rather than waiting a full year and living with it for that year."

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  It provides daily general cleaning service, including extra regular tasks for interior and exterior of entrance areas as well as appropriate removal of spots on carpet, hard floor, wall, door, etc.  

 Weekly it pays close attention to detailed tasks, keeping in such manner the building tidy, dust and odor free. Depending on the number and size of the building, it arranges detailed tasks. I &amp; B detail cleaning crew works separately from janitorial crew.                   

I & B maintains carpet not only by dry vacuum cleaning, but also with wet equipment and steamer. The green product is considered as an innate system in the cleaning industry. It possesses a quality by nature, like this they are green stuff, and clean chemical free help keeping house or office Eco-friendly .  To use correctly the steamer, and habitually monthly or more as needed, is the best way the hot water has always been to clean, disinfect and sanitize restroom, shower, kitchen, floor, wall, etc. That's all what it's to get the job done.

Some customers contract a professional company to keep cleaning the essential parts of the building, meaning  janitorial service, detail tasks, carpet cleaning, hard floor care and window washing. This good practice of workable project must be implemented in the confirmation to the standards of the building. That means that they are possibly green built, even hold in one's possession the green certificate. Like that said the building of city, state, government offices, new school, luxurious hotel, house, etc. Then, the commercial company governing scope of work ought to be arranged duty, about when and what services are to be done. The specialized crew, as appropriated in sign agreement, is to be ready in due time, to do the regular carpet cleaning, hard floor care and window washing quarterly or twice (once) a year. The best result of bringing carpet back to the normal condition, from my employee experience in the luxury Townsend hotel, guaranteed with 6 or 7 step process steam cleaning.