International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists

Association Internationale des Specialists d'lInformation Agricole

Asociación Internacional de Especialistas en Información Agricola

Executive Committee 2012/2013


Federico Sancho Guevara (Costa Rica)

Federico Sancho has been involved with agricultural projects that were related to information management for agriculture and rural development in Costa Rica and Central America since 1997.  After that experience, he has became involved in different initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean relating to the same issues, including publishing, knowledge management, library services and training. In 2004 he was appointed head of the technical information services of the Inter American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture (IICA), now all under the Inter American Information and Editorial Production Center for Agriculture of the Institute.  The Center that he leads is responsible for the Alliance of Ag-Information Services of the Americas-SIDALC (www.sidalc.) with more than 23 countries participating.   As a promoter of Ag-information networks in the region, he has implemented different projects related with information and knowledge management for agriculture.  Currently he is member at large of the Agricultural Network of Information Centers (AGNIC) in the US and is a former Executive Secretary of the AIBDA.   He holds a MBA with emphasis on international negotiations, as well as a degree in project management for development.  Mr. Sancho has been active in IAALD for several years and most recently served as the IICA Liaison to the Executive Committee.

President Elect/Vice President

Peter Walton (Australia)

Peter Walton is a professional librarian who, after a few years in a medical library in London, took up the challenge of developing the national agriculture library in Solomon Islands in 1985 (the year he joined IAALD). During his time in the Solomons, Peter branched out into editing and database design, which led him to then take up a position with a regional organisation based in Fiji. During his time with the South Pacific Commission (and subsequently with an EU-funded regional project), Peter worked with colleagues in the region to set up a agricultural information network (this was in the late 1980s) and a regional agricultural information service. In addition, he and his colleagues collaborated to develop regional information resources and a series of training events that continued to be implemented well into the late 1990s. In 1998, Peter opted to work for himself, and started working on projects in Papua New Guinea, and the Pacific generally, in all areas of agricultural information management. He has worked closely with CTA to develop a training programme for ICM strategy development, which has taken him to meetings and workshops in the Caribbean and Africa as well as the Pacific; and he has worked with national counterparts in Papua New Guinea to develop a national agricultural information system. This system has now evolved into the Melanesian agricultural information system. Looking back at 27 years of agricultural information management activities in developing countries, Peter's key concern has been and continues to be to help individuals and organisations improve the management of agricultural information and the associated activities, products and services, principally through strategy development and capacity building. Peter now lives in Darwin, in Australia's Northern Territory, where the climate can be extreme, and the crocodiles always ready for a meal, human or otherwise.


Toni Greider

Toni Greider is serving in her second term as Secretary/Treasurer of IAALD and is currently the Director for International Programs for the University of Kentucky Libraries (Lexington, KY USA).  She previously held the positions of Associate Dean for Research and Education and Director of the Agriculture Library at the same University.  She had direct responsibility for the management of agriculture information on the University of Kentucky campus for 32 years. She has been active in many professional organizations including serving as President of United States Agricultural Information Network (USAIN) from 1995 to 1998 and is currently a member of the American Library Association International Relations Roundtable.  She has been a member of IAALD her entire professional career and has been active since 1990, serving as the IAALD editor from 1990-2000; chair of the XIth IAALD World Congress held in Lexington, Kentucky in 2005 and Secretary/Treasurer from 2005-2010.  


Edith Hesse (Austria)

Dr. Edith Hesse is the recently retired Head of Corporate Communications and Capacity Strengthening at CIAT, the International Center for Tropical Agriculture, in Cali Colombia.  She was part of the CGIAR from 1979 when she joined the Economics Program at the International Center for Maize and Wheat Improvement (CIMMYT) in Mexico and in 1984 became the leader of a scientific information management project funded by IDRC (International Development Research Center, Canada). In this context she implemented various innovative scientific information management and knowledge sharing approaches within  at the CIMMYT and at CGIAR level, as well as executed a variety of consultancies commissioned by the World Bank, the Kellogg Foundation and other entities in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Dr. Hesse has been involved in IAALD since 1984 and served on the IAALD Executive Committee from 1995-2000. She retired from CIAT in December of 2011.


Board Members

Jaron Porciello (USA)

Jaron Porciello is the Coordinator for Instruction and Business Information Programs at Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University. In her prior position she was the International Programs Librarian, TEEAL Director at Mann Library and she continues to work closely with The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library (TEEAL) and other international programs supported by Mann and Cornell.  She is the chair of the Research4Life (HINARI, AGORA, OARE) training team and is also a member of the Research4Life Executive Council. Jaron received her M.L.S. (‘06) and M.A., Literature (’07) from Indiana University. She is delighted to be a part of the IAALD board, and looks forward to working with partners and members worldwide on energetic and productive partnerships. Ms. Porciello is a new member of IAALD and is the third year of her 3 year position on the IAALD Executive Committee.

Jerry Miner (Canada)

Jerry Miner is the GlobalHort Webmaster and a Communication Consultant.  He has his master’s degree in Information Science from the University of Toronto and presently resides in Nova Scotia, Canada.  He has worked as an information professional in an Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada horticultural research centre from 1970-2010. He previously worked at the University of Saskatchewan, the University of New Brunswick, Acadia University and for the Nova Scotia Department of Education.  Having worked on the GlobalHort staff in Tanzania in 2008, Mr. Miner is now on contract with GlobalHort. Mr. Miner is a new “old” member of IAALD.  He was active in IAALD in the 1980s and was a participant in the 1985 IAALD World Congress in Ottawa.  His career took him away from IAALD and recently rejoined to the organization to reconnect with his colleagues in information management. Jerry is beginning his second year as an IAALD board member.

Margaret Sraku-Lartney (Ghana)

Margaret Sraku-Lartey is Head of the Commercialisation and Information Division of the Forestry Research Institute of Ghana (FORIG). She joined FORIG as a an assistant librarian in 1985 and have worked for the past 27 years in various capacities such as assistant librarian, senior and principal librarian of FORIG. Her work in the last 27 years has been devoted to the continued improvement of the FORIG Library to develop it as a centre of excellence. During that time she has helped to develop and implement policies for the continued improvement of the library. She has also been involved in training of researchers and other librarians in the use of e -resources, and in various aspects of library development. Her areas of interest include library automation, networking and the use of internet based resources for researchers. She has been involved in several internationally funded projects such as the Ghana AGRIS project, Global Forestry Information Service project and the Forestry Information network project sponsored by DFID. In 2009, she took a two year sabbatical leave to join the Business Administration Department of the Presbyterian University College as an Associate Professor teaching Management Information Systems and Research methods and is now currently back at FORIG. Margaret was an active participant in the IAALD World Congresses in 2005, 2008 and 2010. She is a charter member of the IAALD Africa Chapter and has been active in the building of that chapter.

Krishan Bheenik (President IAALD Africa Chapter) 

Mr Krishan Bheenick is the Senior Programme Coordinator for Knowledge Management at CTA and is responsible for providing ICT-based KM solutions to ACP networks and institutions. Having worked most recently at SADC Secretariat as Regional Information Communication and Training Officer, Krishan has extensive expertise in ICTs for agricultural and rural development. Krishan has been a strong supporter of IAALD through the IAALD Africa Chapter and is the newly elected President of IAALD Africa. He hails from Mauritius.