Top Tech Tools


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eMaze is a presentation tool that allows the user to create a more visual alternative to PowerPoint and even in 3D! It's accessible for both teachers and learners.

You can access a guide created by one of our LLDDteachers, Fiona Moore, whose learners used the tool here.


Canva is a design tool for the ordinary person!

It has been used to create many of the images and graphics that you see on this site and it is incredibly user-friendly. The user can select and manipulate images, shapes, icons and text in a number of ways to suit a variety of contexts. There are a great set of tutorials here.

Google Apps

As of September 2014, Reading College will be 'Going Google.' Its suite of apps is free and it provides a number of solutions for extending students' learning beyond the realms of the classroom. 

Moodle has been discontinued as our VLE platform and staff have been encouraged to be creative with Google sites instead. Google+ Communities are being created by teachers and business support staff alike to share ideas and keep staff up-to-date with new changes. Google docs, sheets and slides are being shared and collaborated on all over the College. 

You can read more about how one member of staff has been using Google here. 

iPad Apps

iPads are used by many of our teachers and learners alike. There are a whole array of apps for teachers to choose from so how do they make their decision?

One teacher at Reading College has gathered her list of recommended apps here.

Joomag is an online interactive magazine that was first used at the College by an Access teacher for his student handbook. It was then used as our monthly Teaching and Learning magazine and consequently, used by staff all over the College. Videos, images and links can all be added in and the pages can be flicked over, clicked on and zoomed in upon to provide a range of information in one engaging place. 

This video provides an introduction to the key features of Joomag. 

You can read our monthly Teaching and Learning magazines here.

Padlet is an online noticeboard where users can add links, images and comments whilst the creators can change noticeboard backgrounds and decide on style of layout.

Padlet is perhaps our most used technology tool at the College. It is its ease of use and flexibility that has perhaps most appealed to staff from all departments. 

This video takes you through the basics of setting up a wall.


This tool is used by staff and learners alike at the College to present information in visual ways. 
It has a range of set layouts as well as some customisable ones. Users can alter images, colours and font to achieve the look they're aiming for. 

The infographics can then be presented as a slideshow to liven up what may have previously been delivered as a PowerPoint. They can be downloaded as images or embedded into websites too.

PowToon is a video animation site that is free, easy to use and can turn even the most amateur video maker into a director!

This tool has been used by teachers and managers across the College in all departments to inform students and staff of new changes and procedures. Perhaps its greatest use has been by students as 'directors' themselves.

This video introduces you to its use.

Smore, as with Padlet, was first used by the Pass It On CPD team for regular newsletters and updates. This tool can be used to create online flyers with embedded links, videos and images. 

They are an engaging way to share information either with staff or students and they have been used across the College for SMT updates, student services news and for student activities. 

This video is an introduction to creating your own online flyer. 



A classroom timer is a teacher's best friend. This page holds a whole range of timers that can prove useful (and engaging) for learners in the classroom