Meet the presenters



Before GASP, Steven presented the Contemporary Progressive (CPR) radio show for two and a half years on a community radio station in Reading. With the move to Blast1386 as hosting station, and a change of music to focus on gothic, alternative, steampunk and progressive music, naming Steven's new show, ' GASP' became inevitable. After all, if CPR is properly applied, the recipient should begin GASPing …


GASP aims to play the best and freshest of gothic, alternative, steampunk and progressive music.  Steven looks for the best new, unsigned acts to play alongside contemporary and classic tracks, resulting in an eclectic and exciting show.  If you don't hear something you've not heard before, we will be very surprised!  The show is broadcast in conjunction with live social media interaction on facebook and twitter – you can talk to Steven – and some of the artists – as you listen to the show.


As well as Djing, Steven works full time, and is also the author of apocalyptical science fiction works Cornix Sinistra and Armageddon Angel; and the co-author of steampunk novel The Heart’s Cog Imperative (due to be published December 2014 by Tenebrous Texts).


When not working, DJing or writing, Steven can often be found volunteering at the Oxfam Bookshop in Reading where he prices the Science Fiction section and chain-drinks tea. In addition to being a workaholic Steven is also a long distance walker, makes a damn fine chocolate cake and dreams of one day being able to sleep...


The Gothic Alternative Steampunk and Progressive rock show plays the best and freshest of the above, every Tuesday 8 – 10pm. Email




Twitter: @Steven_C_Davis