Hazel is the one in charge of Blast 1386, except when it goes wrong! Hazel was born into the music industry growing up with a home studio. Hazel studied at Reading College from 2000-2005 during which time she achieved her B-Tech, HND and Degree in Music Production as well as a basic certificate in car mechanics! Hazel has been with Blast since it began in various roles from Traffic Manager to Production. Contact Hazel if you want to be

Anne Morris presents A little bit of Blarney every Thursday from 10am. Anne worked for the BBC from 1995-2012 on the program Irish Eye.

A little bit of blarney features livly music, a short sotry, facts and quotes as well as a classical spot half way through. 

Eddie has worked with various local radio stations over the past 20 years and has interviewed representatives from more than 500 groups and organisations in the Reading Community during his radio programme, COMMUNITY MATTERS.  Groups have used the show the tell the wider community about their activities, source volunteers and ask for help with funding. 

Eddie looks forward to seeing, and talking with, old and new friends in the Reading Community. You can contact him on 07790543387  or
You can also send posters and information on events, for reading out during the programme. 

John Cee joined Blast1386 in 2006 as a co-presenter. Since then John Cee has established his own programs including his current Blues show. John Cee was founder member of  the “progressive folk” group Tudor Lodge” who released their first LP in 1971. John Cee has lived in Reading most of his life, and was a student at Reading College in 1963. Since retiring in 2011, he has completed his first novel which will hopefully be published within the next year. 

Israel Onoriode aka DJ real - the soul man as he is known on radio. He started radio productions as a studio/production assistant with Eddie Winship.
His love for music and entertainment was first noticed when he was 2 years old as he would sing and dance for anyone, he eventually started making money performing.when he was 9 years
He went on to study theatre arts (a radio/tv, film major) and practiced arting in Nollywood for 7 years till he relocated to the UK. 
Mike is a musician, producer and DJ as well as a long standing member of the Music team. He currently runs the level 2 Diploma Music course which incorporates DJ Technology and teaches on pretty much every music course. DJ tech students will be presenting their own special mix of radio shows ranging from Rock and Pop to Dance, DnB, Grime, Hip Hop and Dubstep. Mike has been a DJ on and off on Blast 1386 since the very birth of the station and occasionally presents his own show centred on his love of Funk, Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop and all things in between! When not working at the college Mike can be seen up and down the country with a range of different bands including his very own 9 piece Funk outfit Funkshone.
TimBo has been broadcasting for over 15 years, appearing in many different areas and many different stations including Insight Radio (Glasgow & UK), XS Wlaes (South Wales) and OX105 (Oxford). When it comes to radio and Club DJing TimBo prides himself on playing the best new hits first! With many different DJ styles to suit all the genres he deals with we can gurrantee you will not be disappointed.

Gary is our roving reporter.This means he attends events doing interviews and reviews. Gary has been involved with radio for a number of years and has done many styles of shows and partaken in many different rolls.
He is also involved in the film industry as an assistant producer.
If you want Gary to review your event send an invite to 

Originally a hugely successful Indie and Rock night with a residency in Reading Don't Panic! is the prduct of over 20 years of DJ experience. It was only a matter of time until the airwaves were host to the best Indie tunes on offer. Fueled by tea, cake and wearing stylish pinstriped, expect more classic and contemporary hits than you can shake a trilby at.

Dicky is a reading based DJ who has been DJing in various pubs an clubs in Reading for over 10 years, originally a drummer in a couple of bands but tirned to DJing due to love of music. Dicky is a fan of most genres but sprecalizes in Rock, Metal and Punk from the 80's onwards. Dicky currently DJs once a month at The Face Bar in Rading and has wanted to expand his DJing experience into radio for a long time. With hos knowledge and love for music it was natural progression. 

Dave Self retired from from BA Long Haul as a Flight Attendant in 1997 and now on his new one hour show wants to bring you an hour of easy listening music to you. Introduced by the Song sung and written by John Dever “Leaving on a Jet Plane” suitably sets the mood with some eclectic and easy listening sounds, some old and some new. So Stay listening and I am sure you will enjoy his great choice of music. So when you find it, don’t touch the dial for an hour of great 

Kieron has been with us since Blast began in 2002. He presents his 10 oclock Rock show every Saturday morning. This show attracts many listeners here in Britain and across the continent. Kieron has been in the world of radio for many years now working on radio stations such as Crown fm and Community radio here in Reading.. He has also played lead guitar in his own band since the 1970s.


Geoff Dorsett started his career at the age of 13 and within five years was one of the Mecca Group's top DJs, Come the late '60s, Geoff was on the radio with the BBC Radio and in 1974 became one of Radio Hallam first voices when the station launched. In the '70s, Geoff also worked on Q102 in Florida, USA and KZUN in Dallas. In the '80s, you'd have heard him on the legendary pirate radio station, Sunshine Radio. Geoff is now working on a number of specialist radio shows and can currently be heard on several stations internationally. In 2013, 2014 and 2016 Geoff received the prestigious GEO Award in Chicago for ‘Outstanding Contributing Programme’ for his Solid Gold ‘60s show and Supersonic ‘70s.