Could any other Welshman match the lyrical and mathematical analysis of the Bible AND the words of the Beatles and Whitney Houston ? Well this wordsmith and evangelical dispensationalist Michael J HPenney makes it very clear where he gets his inspiration . We end up making quite a few points of agreement from opposite ends of the belief spectrum. Guest on I am Happy With... September 2014

Chris Knollys joins I am Happy With.... On the 16th June 2014 as a guest. Chris Knollys is well known in local Catholic Church circles. He fully embraces the ideas of Interfaith initiatives within our community at the same time advancing clearly the cause of this religion which is the foundation of Christianity throughout the world.

Bruce Denney gives us some insight into Paganism. Do you know how a pagan gets married and why some people jump over mops during a cermony? I am happy with...

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Mark Hawkins from Jesus Christ Church of the Latter Day Saints. Guest on I am happy with..... June 2013

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