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The International Association of Universities is open to membership from individual universities and associations and networks of higher education institutions.  As the IAU strongly believes that higher education institutions have a central role to play in the development of the World’s Higher Education and Research Areas, active support and guidance to its members is a key objective of the Association.  


By becoming an IAU member, your institution or association will:  

  • Receive regular updates on International Higher Education and Research Policy Developments 
  • Be invited to international conferences in the year and thematic events with renowned  national and international speakers  
  • Be invited to participate in projects and studies 
  • Be able to participate in workshops and seminars as well as a unique programme of manegement training
  • Have multiple opportunities to exchange with peers and leading experts on the latest trends and best practices in a range of different fields  
  • Receive regular publications, reports and analysis of key higher education and research trends