IAU plays an active role in development of activities which might contribute to sharing, evaluation, and distribution of knowledge via partners having similar interests and objectives, universities and research centers.  The union organizes activities such as congresses, symposiums, seminars, workshops, consultancy, academic cultural trips, education, summer school each year in a varying scope of subjects within this context; and also holds annual academic and administrative meetings along with presidents and researchers of the universities, which are members of IAU.  Such activities provide opportunities for participants to meet and establish new partnerships with each other. 


IAU organizes these activities by cooperating with international member universities and their partners, and providing new partnerships.  International universities which are members of IAU in Caucasia are Qafqaz University in Azerbaijan, International Black Sea University in Georgia and Central Asia are Süleyman Demirel University in Kazakhstan, International Ataturk Alatoo University in Kyrgyzstan, and International Turkmen Turkish University in Turkmenistan.  Finally, Epoka University in Albania has been included in member universities.  IAU supports any kind of activity and research by organizing connections of these universities with the universities and research centers in Europe and United States.  These universities in Caucasia and  Central Asia aim to carry out educational activities and researches as a contribution to stable and sustainable cooperation in the region by creating an international bridge of education by participation of students, academicians and researchers from Central Asia and miscellaneous countries; whereby knowledge will be shared in parallel with the increase in number of researches on culture, history and language of the region, as a contribution to development of the region.