This site introduces a music-inspired Harmony Search algorithm and its applications.

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Introduction to Harmony Search

Introduction (Webzine)

Introduction (PowerPoint)

State-of-the-Art Harmony Search

Convergence Theory of HS

Review of Harmony Search Algorithm Structure

Extensive Review of Harmony Search Applications

Comparison with Other Algorithms

Music Overcomes Math (Leonardo, MIT Press)

Cited in Nature! [Exoplanet],[Binary]

Harmony Search Book & Journal

. . .

HS Algorithm [Springer]

Recent Advances [Springer]

Structural Design [Springer]

Water Network Design

HS SI (J. Applied Mathematics 2013) [Down]

Selected Publications (Theories)

Stochastic Derivative of HS [Download]

Ensembled Harmony Search

Stochastic Co-Derivative of HS

Continuous Harmony Search

Continuous Harmony Search 2 [Different Opinion]

Continuous Harmony Search 3

Exploratory Power of HS

Parameter-Setting-Free (AKA Adaptive) HS

Distributed Harmony Search

Multi-Modal Harmony Search

Multi-Objective Harmony Search (Pareto Set)

Multi-Objective Harmony Search (Present Worth)

Large-Size Problem 1 (454 Discrete Variables)

Large-Size Problem 2 (441 Binary Variables)

Selected Publications (Sister Algorithms)

Melody Search

Method of Musical Composition

Selected Publications (Hybrid HS)





HS + PSO [Different Opinion]

HS + PSO + Ant


HS + Taguchi

HS + Chaos

HS + TS + Fuzzy



HS + Reliability


HS + Solver

HS + Google Map

Selected Publications (Real-World / OR Applications)

Project Scheduling


Tour Planning


Flow Shop Scheduling

Job Shop Scheduling

Multidimensional Knapsack Problem

Weapon-Target Assignment

Selected Publications (Social Science / Linguistics/ Law)

Human Activity Patterns

Investment Portfolio

Curie-Weiss Model

Language Revitalization

Law Enforcement

Selected Publications (Music & Art)

Music Composition

Music Composition 2

Music File Clustering

Chinese Opera Genre Classification

Theatre Acoustics Design

Picasso's Drawings

Color Picking

Selected Publications (Game)

Sudoku Puzzle

Magic Square

Tetris Game

Cloud Gaming

Selected Publications (Computer Science)

Lane Detection in Self-Driving Car

Comparison Study for Max-Cut Problem

Internet of Things

Resource Scheduling in Cloud Computing

Parallel Algorithm using Cloud Computing

Web Page Clustering

Text Summarization

Word Sense Disambiguation

Internet Routing

Image Segmentation

Image Correspondence

Visual Tracking

Circle Detection

Robotics 1

Robotics 2

Robotics 3

Mobile Network Security

Spam Email Detection

Banking Fraud Detection

Selected Publications (Electrical/Electronic Engineering)

Book: Electric Power System

Photo-Electronic Detection

Power System Design

Wind Power Generation

Multi-Level Inverter Optimization

Cell Phone Network

Wireless Sensor Network

Selected Publications (Energy-Related)

HS Review on Energy Systems

Scheduling of Energy Storage System (ESS)

Internet of Energy

Wind-based Hybrid Power System

Energy Management System

Energy-saving Glass Design

Combined Heat and Power Economic Dispatch

Heat Exchanger Design

Satellite Heat Pipe Design

Voltage Degradation of Fuel Cell Bus

Selected Publications (Civil Engineering)

Construction Site Layout

Structural Design: Continuous Variable

Structural Design: Discrete Variable

Structural Design: Bridge Design

Risk Assessment of Tunnel

Anomalous Zone Prediction in Tunnel

Water Network Design

Water Network Analysis

Water Network Calibration

Dam Scheduling

Parameter Calibration: Flood Model

Parameter Calibration: Urban Drainage

Parameter Calibration: Stormwater Management

Groundwater Management

Soil Stability Analysis

Earthquake Motion

Vehicle Routing

Traffic Light Control (Bogotá, Colombia)

Transport Energy Modeling

Determination of Road Properties

Selected Publications (Environmental Engineering)

Groundwater Pollution

River Quality Control for Fish Migration

Ecological Conservation

Subway Ventilation

Selected Publications (Mechanical Engineering)

Offshore Structure Mooring

Offshore Structure Fueling

Parameter Calibration: Face-Milling

Steel Making

Selected Publications (Bio & Medical Applications)

Forecasting Influenza Season

DNA Sequence Constraining

RNA Structure Prediction 1

RNA Structure Prediction 2

Protein Complex Prediction

Biological Motif

Disease-Associated SNP Detection

Hearing Aids

Noise Sound Level

Cancer Classification

Colon Cancer Detection

Skin Melanoma Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Medical Physics [Dissertation]

Rehabilitation in Parkinson’s Disease

Programming Examples

Rosenbrock Function (MS Excel VBA)

Himmelblau Function (MATLAB)

General Purpose (PYTHON)

Himmelblau Function (C++)

Parameter Calibration (VB Script)

Water Network Design (Visual Basic)

Music Composition (Midi File, Type 1)

Presenting HS at Harvard