Our Four Main Focus Areas:

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Applications for Transportation

Fuel Cell Electric vehicle at a hydrogen charging station image courtesy of National Renewable Energy Lab

How will hydrogen change the vehicle fueling paradigm on highways and in warehouses?

Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Combined Heat and Power

A fuel cell CHP system courtesy of Fuel Cell Energy Inc

How can one system produce heat, electric power, cooling and hydrogen fuel?

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Hydrogen as a Storage Medium for Intermittent Energy Sources

Kibby Mountain wind power plant in Maine, courtesy of Reed and Reed

How can hydrogen be used to even out intermittent energy supply sources such as wind and solar power?

Hydrogen Applications in the Pulp and Paper Industry 

Elisha Cram a Research Engineer at UMaine FBRI Technology Research Center holding a diesel-cut of hydro-treated UMaine TDO oil Credit University of Maine Forest Bioproducts Research Institute

How can the North American pulp and paper industry increase its revenues from forest products using hydrogen?

Our Partner:


The Northeast Electrochemical Energy Storage Cluster is a network of industry, academic, government and non-governmental leaders working together to provide energy storage solutions.  The cluster is focused on the innovative development, production, promotion and deployment of hydrogen fuels and fuel cells to meet the pressing demand for energy storage solutions.  Through this initiative the cluster works to:

  • Accelerate Innovation
  • Improve Development and Production Efficiencies
  • Increase Knowledge & Awareness
  • Accelerate Adoption and Deployment
  • Improve Energy Security & Reliability
  • Drive Economic Growth
  • Protect our Global Environment

The cluster is based in New York, New Jersey, and the New England States.  Its initial formation and development is funded through the US Small Business Administration’s Innovative Economies Initiative and administered by the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT).  CCAT is honored to work with our partner organizations to integrate this natural technology development and manufacturing cluster