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Michael McCall - Evangelist

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As Christians, our aim is to worship God in spirit and in truth. (John 4:24)  We look to the Bible as our only source for authority, and we abide by the pattern set forth in the New Testament. (II Timothy 1 : 13)  Our services are not flashy, but are sincere in our reverence to our God.  

We hope that you will join us and we are happy to answer any question you may have.

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Who Is Israel Today?

    If you have listened to the news over the past year or so, the nation of Israel has be spoken about often.  With a new president waiting to be in office, Israel will certainly come back to the spotlight.  Due to this, I believe it is appropriate for us to ask the following questions:

    “Are the Jews still God’s chosen people?  Will the Jews have any special treatment at the end?  If         they are not accepting Christ, are they lost?”

    These questions have caused many problems for Christians today.  There are many “so called preachers” who teach that Israel is where Christ will return.  They also teach that the people of
Israel need to have land in Israel to return to for when He does return, and that even we should buy land in Israel so we too will have our spot “reserved.”

    There are those who believe that the Israelite's of today still have the same promise as those of old.  But, if this is the truth, what does that make Christ?  To feel that Israel today is the same as the Israel of yesteryear's is to deny that Christ fulfilled the scriptures.  Others believe that we need to save Israel in order to save Christianity.  Of course, we as Christians, must know how to answer these issues.  

    Consider a question of my own:  "If Israel is still the chosen people of God today, what does that make us?"

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