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I'd take him in a heartbeat.......if only I could."

That's the sentiment we've heard time and again. While many of us wish we could adopt one of the historic Virginia Range horses, it's not always an option.  Feed, veterinary care, transportation, boarding costs can all add up and may not be an option for everyone.  But where there's a will, there's a way!

Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund offers an opportunity for you to take part in the life of one or more of its rescued horses through a simple monthly sponsorship. Your monthly donation will help support a variety of needs of your sponsored horse(s) such as:
  • hay
  • boarding fees
  • medical and hoof care
  • training program
  • transportation

If you'd like to sponsor a specific horse (from the "Sponsor Me" link or any of our horses waiting for adoption), choose the horse you'd like to sponsor, then come back here and note the horse's name in the "Subscription Notes" when you click your chosen sponsorship amount. Or you can note General Fund for your generous donation instead.

Decide on an amount you feel comfortable seeing on your credit card statement, and click on the corresponding option below.  It's quick and easy to set up and will automatically charge your credit card each month.  Then all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the quarterly updates we send to you about the horse(s) you have sponsored. 

Consider collaborating with others - gather family members, organize a community group, team up with friends or colleagues or set up your very own sponsorship!! 

1/4 Share Sponsorship
$25 / month 
1/2 Share Sponsorship
$50 / month
Full Horse Sponsorship
$100/ month
Easy Sponsorship
$5 / month
Make A Difference Sponsorship
$10 / month
$1 A Day Sponsorship 
$30 / month                      
Horse Hero Sponsorship
$75 / month

Make your tax deductible DONATION to Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund
Thank You!!! 

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