Try some of these alternatives to recording individual questions or dedicating a staff member for oral administration of assignments.

  • Snap and Read is a Google extension that all Hutto students have access to.  It works on web pages that are opened in Google Chrome, including Google Docs.  If you have a teacher created test in Google Docs or an online test, students can use Snap & Read to have the test read to them.  After launcing the Snap & Read Extension, simply select the text you want read and listen to it.  You can select as little or as much text as you want.  See Snap & Read page for more information.

  • If you enable on-line testing in Eduphoria, students can use the Snap & Read extension to have selected text read to them.  This would work especially well for the Common Assessment that are already in Eduphoria.  (see detailed information on the Online Testing in Eduphoria pages.