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  • Hover over the "PINS AND BADGES" tab above and select a badge.
  • On the Badge Page, read the pin information and then select one of the pin challenges you would like to try.
  • Once you have completed one of the challenges, visit the "Pin Request" tab to request credit for the challenge.
  • Once you have received 5 pins in a category, you can qualify for a Badge in that same category and will need to then visit the "Badge Request" tab to request your badge.
  • You can also now earn travel stamps for your passport sign
    • You can earn  a Tourist stamp once you earn 5 badges
    • You can earn an Adventurer stamp once you earn 10 badges
    • You can earn a Globetrotter stamp once you earn 15 badges

Best of Luck on your Quest!!

  • What if I've already used one of the tech tools last year? 
    • Use the same tool for a new activity or project with your students.
  • What if I don't have a class of students because I'm not classroom teacher?
    • No problem, just use the tools with your department or colleagues instead.
  • What if I need help implementing one of these tools into my classroom?
    • Contact your CIT with any question or training you may need or want.

  A special thanks to the Hutto High School graphic design students in Ms. Hardt's classes, especially Abigail Negrete, Courtney Mugridge and Cruz Gonzales, for their awesome designs for our webpage graphics and badge designs.

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