Welcome to the Husson University Writing Center

The online version of the Husson University Writing Center has been designed to help students, faculty, and staff at our satellite campuses improve their writing. More specifically, the primary aims of the writing center, online and terrestrial, include the following:

1. Help Husson students on the Bangor and satellite campuses further develop and refine behaviors essential to effective writing. These behaviors include the reflective use of a writing process, meticulous research, drafting and revision, 
editing and proofreading (the conventions of grammar, and its rhetorical uses, are learned within the context of students' own writing).

2. Assist faculty in implementing effective writing practices into their courses. The premise underlying these implementations is that students are more likely to transfer skills from one context to another if the instructional framework used to teach that skill is similar. To transfer their writing skills, or in other words, learn how to write, students must build upon previous knowledge, practicing its application until that skill is mastered.

3. Provide general writing-support workshops and labs, such as presentations on the proper use of citations, to help bridge gaps in students' general and specific knowledge. 

Face-to-Face Consultation in the Writing Center ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎(Peabody 210)‎‎‎‎‎‎‎