Welcome to Hill's on-line, daffy universe! 
Here, you'll find current activities and events in HHS Drama and Debate - along with updates on what's going on in all my classes: Beginning Theater, Theater Foundations II and III, Stage Tech, Film-Making, Speech/Debate and Language Arts 10. 
All of our  Drama and Debate practices and classes are open to the public; feel free to observe/participate in what we're doing at any time (no advance notice necessary!!).  
Note also that all of these practices, plus competitons, productions and certain other activities are worth Extra Credit and may earn Varsity Letter credit.  The Department kids and I really encourage participation in the "extra" activities, because they're MORE than just fun; they enable students (and volunteers!) to practice their crafts, and to gain experiences that honor their school and lead them on to college and great careers.
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school phone - (435) 635-3280 xt.135;
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