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Classroom Rules
  • Respect ALL people in class.
  • Be in your seat and ready when the bell rings.
  • Bring materials to class everyday. You will not be allowed to return to locker to get your book or homework.
  • No eating or drinking in class.
  • Use of bathroom and drinking fountain must be done before the bell rings.
  • When a question is asked or you would like to speak please raise your hand.
  • Participation in all activities is required. 
  • No electronic devices in class.
  • Remain in your seat until the bell rings.

  • Homework Chapter Packets
  • Classroom Activities -Presentations and Illustrations
  • Quizzes
  • Tests 
  • Group and Individual Projects

Reading and/or writing assignments are made from the class text. Completing the reading from the text will be helpful for class discussions and activities. 
 Make Up Work and Late Assignments 
Students who miss assignments due to an excused absence may turn in late class
work with no penalty. Depending on the length of absence and the amount of work
to be completed, the teacher will give a due date to the individual for when the work 
should be completed. If a student fails to turn in an individual project on time the grade
will be lowered one letter grade for each day it's late. After 4 days, the assignment
will be half-credit. After two weeks it won't be accepted. 

It is important that you attend class consistently. If you are ill you are responsible for the learning that took place in your absence. It is your responsibility to check with the classroom teacher to pick up all missed handouts/worksheets that were given.