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Ecology Club, Running Club, and Station Work

posted Oct 2, 2010, 11:26 AM by Leah LaCrosse
I recently used the iPad in a couple different ways:

  1. Ecology Club- We used the iPad map app for locating the Sandusky Bay as relative to our location.  Then we looked at the Huron River with the map app to see the various types of land it crossed.  This prompted the famous "Story of a River" activity that the 5th and 6th graders did to show how many different areas feed into a river to contribute to non-point source pollution.  We also used the iPads + google forms for an attendance system.
  2. Running Club-  I have been using the iPad for attendance and t-shirt information with the help of google forms.
  3. The iPad has also been used as a tool during station work for my science classes.  I had mixed amount of success with this...
    1. Snail Observation Station- iPad was used after students observed pond snails.  They developed questions to research on the iPad.  This was pretty successful AFTER I stressed keeping the snails separate from the iPad!  I had an OH MY GOODNESS moment when I observed a student holding the dripping pond snail over the ipad and typing at the same time (multi-tasking).  :)
    2. Study Island Station-  We are unable to complete the games with the iPad.  Knowing that, I assigned a test for topics that we had previously covered.  However, the students are not familiar enough with study island for this to be completely successful.  I have had them read and work with lessons in study island with success, but taking the test was a little advanced right now.  (Also, I assigned 20 questions.  I should have gone with 10-15.  Tried to do TOO much!)
    3. Animal Vertebrate and Invertabrate app-  The students were to read/interact with the app and write cool info. on to the Smart Board slide.  However, the app was not of the best quality.  It was very static, encyclopedia-like, and the text was WAY too hard for their reading level.  I do have to give the kids credit on their attempt to read and search for good info.  Those that were just zooming in and out of the pictures and words were a BIT frustrating!
    4. Animal Bulletin board-  Students had access to their iPads along with animal field guides to select a simple invert, complex invert, or vert to draw, label, and staple to the bulletin board.  This wasn't too bad.  They did a pretty good job.  Some zooming going on still.
    5. Dichotomous key/Venn diagram station-  Students had a choice for this activity.  I noticed that most chose the easier of the two (venn diagram) partly because it was easier and partly because they could use their iPad to research the cicada and the cicada killer wasp.  In the future, I would like to find a easy way to do a venn diagram on the iPad.
    6. Teacher station-  I had pictures on the iPad of various plants that had obvious adaptations.  I also had a diagram for discussing photosynthesis.  It was funny to use it just as a demonstration tool.  The students could barely resist touching and zooming the screen as I was working with them!
Coming up...
  • Just added 6 more They Might Be Giants song/videos to use.  We will be using the Put It To The Test (scientific process) and Photosynthesis one right away.  I think that I am going to have students watch the videos with me on the smart board, then give them a copy of the lyrics with questions to complete using their iPads.  These videos will be GREAT later to review concepts.
  • I also added the Instaviz app.  I had my homeroom students preview it during studyhall on Friday.  They were asked to explore the possibilities with color, shape, and text.  They were more amazed by the number of bubbles they could make.  Hopefully, giving them some explore time with the app will help with the actual science use of the app the following friday.  Students will be asked to use their homework to create digital diagrams.
  • I am hoping to integrate the use of the student google accounts, the pages app, Moe's notes app, and more!