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2nd Period Projects

Land Use Projects

Land Use- 2nd period

Light Energy Projects

Light Projects 2nd

Potential & Kinetic Energy

Potential & Kinetic Period 2

Lego Exploration Projects...GO NASA!

Catherine and Sarah

YouTube Video

Noah, Rowan, and Tanner

Claire, Gavin, Jasmine

Mission to Saturn

Emma and Maddie

YouTube Video

Keegan, Kelly, and Kylie G.

YouTube Video

Stephen, Kylie S., Corinne, and Isabella

YouTube Video

Alex, Nolan, Austin

Alex, Nolan, Austin Lego

Jay and Silas

Jay and Silas


Biome Projects

Taiga Biome

YouTube Video

Silas, Gavin, and Isabella Tundra Video

YouTube Video

Stephen, Alex, and Sarah Tundra Biome Video

YouTube Video

Corinne and Austin African Savanna Biome Video

YouTube Video

Noah, Tanner, Rowan, and Nolan Taiga Biome Video

YouTube Video

Maddie (Deciduous Forest) and Claire (Alpine) Biome Boards

Keegan (Desert) and Jasmine (Cave) Biome Boards 

Catherine, Jay, and Kelly L. Keynote Biome Project

Rainforest Pics