Business Partners, "The wind beneath our wings!"

First United Methodist Church of HuntsvilleThe purpose of Mance Park Methodist Partners is for church members to enable students, staff, teachers, and administration to reach their highest potential in our community.

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Mance Park Middle School (MPMS) is embracing ways to, “Focus on Children's Success,” support staff and their educational goals, and family and community engagement. Our business partner, First United Methodist Church (FUMC), referring to themselves as, “Mance Park Methodist Partners,” (MPMPs) are shining their lights all around. 

Our partners have gifted us two hours, from the middle of their work days. Because of this, the LEP (Second Language Learners) students have received one-to-one assistance in completing class work. When asked to work with other students, our MPMPs have happily obliged. The one and only minor request, was to have a certified teacher in their midst. The desire being to ensure their academic guidance in is alignment with that of the teachers’ desires. This minor request has scaffolded support and fulfillment for the students, teachers, volunteers, and hopefully our campus scores. 

The MPMS PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) has had a rejuvenation via our partnership with FUMC. The MPMPs have filled in when parents and guardians have had other commitments. They’ve served to decorate for students’ dances, prepare foods and chaperoned. As PTO has reached out to the teachers and students, MPMPs have remained hip-to hip to ensure success of the festivities. 

Additionally, MPMPs provide monthly teacher appreciation gifts, notes, and goodies

Oh wait, it doesn’t stop there. After hours lights are shining as well. The month of December has been filled with after-school activities, from 3:30-5:00, meaning MPMPs stay with the students until parents get off work (5:15-5:45) and get them picked up. They chose this later time to ensure more students would have the opportunity to participate. There has been sewing of purses and aprons. Woodworking resulted in bird houses and red wood pencil boxes. Wreaths of fabric added to the holiday spirit. Students kept what they created and most were shared as gifts for the ones they love. What beauty in spirit and deed were shared amidst this time of learning new skills. 

This was topped off by the Christmas adoption of students and their families by FUMC church members. The families received needed clothes, gifts and foods, adding a bit of Christ back into their Christmas. 

We’re but midway through the school year and aware of many gifts to come. The MPMPs are awaiting names to honor those with perfect attendance. They’ve budgeted for library books to be placed on the MPMS shelves. Each book will contain a tag of dedication in honor of this year’s MPMS students chosen for their greatness. 

This group of volunteers offers our students a shift in perception, an exemplary model of compassion and the helping hands necessary to assist academic and social healings. MPMPs deserve to be highlighted, for they will never ask for the publicity. They continue to return to serve our students again and again and again. Isn’t this what true giving is about?

The amazing part of the aforementioned is, as God would have it, nothing done or provided is engulfed with our humanistic tendencies for popularity or publicity. You’ll have to visit the MPMPs-FUMC website. As with their unselfish giving, we haven’t gotten pictures of every event. The intent has always been about the missions, resulting in overlooking many photographic opportunities. We welcome ALL to join us in thanking our business partners, FUMC-MPMPs, for being, the wind beneath our wings!”

Contacts: Judy Freeman & Ellen Willett (936)295-5441 & Sonya Dial (832)594-4274