Get Started with Gmail in Huntsville ISD:

Log in HERE or at any Google login.

Your default password is Hisdmmddyyyy, for example Hisd02111984 for someone born on February 11, 1984. 


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Click here to watch the video on YouTube

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Click here for more Email help from Google or here for the Gmail Ninja program

After the switch to Google Apps, Huntsville ISD staff will access their email in a different manner. Instead of using the Outlook client or Outlook Web client, you can simply log into Gmail with your complete Huntsville ISD email address, for example,, and your regular password.  If you get a warning message about Merging Conflicting Accounts, please use the directions on the screen to resolve it or watch this video for more assistance. 

If you use the Huntsville ISD portal page located at, you will not have to type the last part of your address. For example, using the Huntsville ISD login, your credentials will look like this:
But logging in through gmail, the same credentials will look like this: