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Why Hungary?

because Hungary is a unique land

Hungary is a unique land rich in earthly natural gifts, agriculture, hot thermal waters, wine, beautiful landscapes and cities, making it throughout history an attractive country in Europe to attack to gain control over. Hungary was said to be the ‘’bread basket of Europe" in the 19th century.

with a unique people

Due to Hungarian language being so structurally different is one of the main reasons why Hungarians think differently, making them one of the most unique people in the world.

who has a unique language

Structurally, grammatically and phonetically it is the most logical language. Hungarian today is spoken by about 10 million people within Hungary and approximately another 4 million speaking Hungarians living abroad, mainly in neighboring countries. According to studies of respectable linguists Hungarian (together with the Basque language) is one of the oldest European language. Opinions about the Hungarian language

and a culture over 1000 years old in the heart Europe in the Carpathian basin

Of course after a 1000 years of European history and several thousands of earlier Asian history as a country and as a nation it is only natural that Hungarians see the world differently rich with their world class inventions, sciences, cultural (music, literature, fine arts, etc…….) and religious heritage.

Hungary today

Naturally Hungary today is a country full of culture, beautiful buildings, arts and fine cuisine left behind by Imperial Hungary. Imperial Hungary and Communist Hungary clashing in ideologies have both left their marks on this remarkable country.

Why Transylvania?

Because it was part of and played a very big role in the cultural, economical and political life of the Hungarian Kingdom for more then 1000 years until after the World War I.

Our objective

Is to promote the tumultuous over 1000 year cultural history of Hungary through tourism.

To show North Americans what an impressionable empire Imperial Hungary was until the Treaty of Versailles of June 28 1919, at the end of World War I, when Hungary was carved up and distributed among its neighbors loosing 60% of its lands and 70% of its population. Its population plummeting from 20,000,000 to 7,000,000 people. Then its fall into communism destroying its cultural fiber and industrial base, forcing millions of Hungarians to flee to every corner of the world helping other national economies grow with their ingenuity.

It is an excellent example of how an empire, nation and a people can be destroyed but yet how a people of distinct origin have learned to survive.

Today modern day Hungary is struggling to find its place in the world.

Come discover and see for yourself........