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The internet is a huge resource with a wealth of information to help you along the road to college, careers and the future!  But, sometimes it can get a little tricky to find out the specific information that you are looking for to answer your questions.  Here is a list with just a few of the websites that may be helpful to you.  Hopefully, these will get you started in the right direction.  Many websites will also provide links to other organizations with more detailed information. Parents are encouraged to work alongside their son or daughter to assist them in using these resources to their full potential. Be aware that some websites may charge for their information and that Hume Lake Charter School is not responsible for the content on the websites

Visit the following resources to learn more about them:

Search for tools and resources to help you or your students learn about financial aid for college.  This Financial Aid Tool Kit has an abundance of resources and information available to you for free.

This website give you access to Technical/Career Training Schools that are available all over the country.  You can search their course listings for a variety of different technical degree programs, and find the one that matches your interests and career goals.

Or, you can browse degree programs and technical schools and colleges by state or by programs available and find one near you. Either way, you can get information from schools in your area to help you make decisions about technical schools that are available for you.

This website connects parents and students with Christian colleges from all over the nation.  In addition, this organization sponsor national colleges fairs promoting these colleges in our area each year (usually late September).  This is a fantastic resources to find out information about majors offered at a variety of Christian colleges, matching yourself with the right college, and updated blog information on a variety of topics about your college experience.

 This website will help you learn about entrance requirements to the UC school system in California; see how the UC evaluates applications for students; and begin the search for information on the costs of paying for school, finding financial aid and scholarships. In addition you can request an application for admission through this website.

Most colleges and universities have classes that applicants are required to complete prior to being admitted. These requirements are known as A-G requirements. This website offers you an A-G course list from Hume Lake Charter School in addition to other schools.  It also give you a wealth of addition information about these requirements as well as tools and resources for support.

This website helps the user find information about Career Technical Education (CTE). CTE integrates rigorous academic content standards with industry specific knowledge and skills to prepare students for both direct entry into California’s industry sectors and for post-secondary education.

If your student is interested in having a future in the military then this website can help you answer some questions. A pre-candidate questionnaire can be obtained from this site as well.

This website has a wealth of information about college entrance requirements; SAT information, registration and prep questions; financial aid information and resources; and much more.

This website contains information about the ACT college entrance exam.  This test is required by some colleges and universities in addition to or in lieu of the SAT.

This site had information about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  Applications can be obtained and submitted for student financial assistance at this website.

This website has valuable information on the “how to’s” of saving for college, looking into a 529 financial saving plan, listing of conferences available to educate you about saving for college etc.

This website can assist you in finding career and personal interest and assessment information to help discover the variety of job opportunities available.

Recommended by over 15,500 high schools and 3,500 colleges, Fast Web is the nation's largest updated scholarship database online.

Based on a comprehensive student profile, this website works to match your students to any scholarship out there. Students in put information and they are connected with scholarships.

This is a FREE online resource on all US government student financial aid programs. It contains detailed information on over 130 loans and grants.

Find out how your state can help you plan and pay for college

Learn about all the federal government’s financial aid programs

Look into low-cost federal loans and smart borrowing strategies and calculate how much you can afford to borrow and repay.

Provides information on paying for college and other financial issues facing families

This website provides a publication called “Do-It Write: How To Prepare A Great College Application”.  This publication helps students to overcome writer’s block and personalize their topics.  It also includes dozens of actual essays with insightful comments and answers questions about the rest of the application so students can complete each step with ease.  There is a nominal fee for this publication.  There are several other resources available through this website as well.

This website provides resources in searching for scholarships, exploring colleges, finding student loans, considering career school and discovering careers and majors.

This on-line guide is filled with scholarships, grants, fee waivers, student loans, and the organizations that offer them. It also includes information to help you select a school, apply for student financial aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), learn about loan forgiveness, understand tax credits, and much more!

Career Zone is a website that guides students in searching for career information in California