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7th Grade Life Science                                  Mrs. Clarken



Points / Grading:


            Notebooks                                20 points for each 20 class periods

                        We will keep daily warm-ups, book assignments, and notes in this.

            Tests                                        35 points each (approximately)

            Projects                                   25 points each (approximately)

                        Each quarter will have one project.

            Labs                                         15 points each

Lab grades include your participation, the work on paper, and your help cleaning up.

            Daily Assignments                   5 points each

                        These will be checked for completion with periodic quality checks. 

                        We will correct them together in class. 


             Portfolio                                  25 points

            Semester final              10% of your semester grade



Course Description:

            Quarter 1           Scientific Method and Inquiry, Graphing, Vocabulary

            Quarter 2           Characteristics of Living Things, Cells

            Quarter 3           Classification, 5 Kingdoms, Plants, and Animals

            Quarter 4           Human Body Systems, Genetics, Ecosystems, & Technology



Excused absences need to be arranged in advance. Previously scheduled tests, projects or assignments are due the day the student returns. The teacher will not track students down to remind them of missing work. Students have two days for an excused absence after their return to complete all work.



Daily assignments are each worth 5 points; this will drop to 3 points for incomplete or missing work when class begins. Late projects and labs will be counted off by 10% the first day class day and continue10% after that for each class day. We will follow the Middle School incomplete work policy.