Overview of SDR

The SDR is an Oracle database, dwstuprd.humboldt.edu, that contains data about Humboldt State University which is used to evaluate institutional effectiveness and produce official reports.  It is maintained by staff in Institutional Effectiveness, with assistance from ITS and is the source of data for all On-Demand Datasets (ODD), data presented on the web, various specialized reporting, and the IE Information Intelligence dashboards.  Most of the data in the SDR originally comes from the student information system, CMS (Common Management System), which is also known as Campus Solutions or PeopleSoft.  Data is added to history tables in the SDR through a nightly ETL process.  The SDR also contains older student data from Banner, recruiting data from Hobsons, data from the Student Clearinghouse, and a variety of other data sources.  This wiki will also included specific information about tables and fields in CMS or the SDR.

Documentation about the SDR was originally maintained on PB Wiki.  We will be adding all new information to Google Sites and will attempt to move earlier documentation to this site as time allows. If searching this site does not yield what you are looking for, try searching PB Wiki instead.  Originally, SDR stood for Student Data Repository.  The meaning has been changed to accommodate the addition of HR, fiscal, and budgetary data. 

If you don't find the data or information you are looking for, please submit a data request .