Becoming a partner group of Humanists UK

A group is not a branch of Humanists UK but is associated with it as a 'Partner'. This means that both organisations sign a Partnership Agreement, which states what each can expect from the other (within the limits of the resources available and considering the capabilities and size of the group). It is not a legally-binding agreement - either side can withdraw from it if and when they want. In practice it is a statement of the way the group and Humanists UK intend to work together.

Any new group will be treated as a Partner, but the need to meet the minimum Partner requirements and to pay the Partnership fee will be waived until the group had become established (at Humanists UK's discretion but normally within 2 years). 

Naming your group
The title of any new local group should be '[Place name] Humanists' [for more information by this please read this article from the International Humanist and Ethical Union]

To give you an idea of what both sides are committing to, the clauses of the partnership agreement are set out below, with explanatory notes where necessary.  If you have any questions about this, or any other, aspect of setting your group up, please contact


The final step before becoming a Partner Group of Humanists UK is signing the Data Protection, Child Safeguard and the Partnership Agreement documents.  You can download these documents for signing by visiting the Agreements page.