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I want to set up a Local Group in my area, how do I do this?

Your first step is to read through the very helpful 'Setting a group up' pages of this Hub, including the 'Step-by-step' guide. Once you have read through and understood, you should contact outlining your plans for the new group.  

How do I invite a member of Humanists UK Staff to come and speak at our group?

You can visit the section on 'Speakers' or go directly to the 'Humanists UK Speaker Request' Page on the Humanists UK Website.

How do I invite a Humanists UK Patron (or another high profile speaker) to come and visit our group?

Humanists UK is currently working on a way of inviting non staff speakers.  Until this is in place, if you would like Humanists UK to help contact a speaker on behalf of your group you can email  

How do I get Humanists UK to publicise an event our group has organised?

Groups should add all planned events on the 'Group Events Calendar'.  If you wish to contact members in your area to inform them about a planned event, please send details of the event to

Groups can also use Humanists UK's Mailing Request page so Humanists UK can email local members and supporters and let them know about your event (

Where can I order Humanists UK leaflets, pens, badges, and other materials for a stall?

You can order Humanists UK Stall Packs, as well as membership and other leaflets, from the 'Materials for Humanists UK Partner Groups' pages on the Humanists UK Website.

Is my group covered by Humanists UK's insurance/Is an event I am planning covered by Humanists UK insurance?

Groups who have signed the Partnership or Affiliation Agreements are covered by Humanists UK Public Liability Insurance. More details can be found on the 'Insurance' guide.

How can my group get involved with Humanists UK School Speaker Program?

Information about school speakers can be found on the 'School Volunteers Area' of this hub.

If you think you have a question that should be added to this FAQ, leave a comment below or email