Scholarship Opportunity

The Mexico City Summer Immersion Program has available eight Paul Escabosa Scholarships in the amount of $500, each which may be used toward payment of the program’s tuition cost. To be eligible, applicants must be current (2011-2012) students in the teacher education credentialing program or alumni of the teacher education credentialing program and currently teaching (2011-2012; as an intern, preliminary or clear credentialed teacher) in a California public school with at least one year’s experience as the teacher-of-record inclusive of 2011-2012.


The application consists of two statement letters:

1.      From the applicant: a statement of location and demographics of your teaching experience and inclusion of English Language Learners in your classroom. Note how cross-cultural interactions and experiences influence the work you do in California schools. How are you willing to engage in self-reflection about your preparedness for educating culturally diverse students? How will this experience in Mexico City be used by you to advance and improve your teaching in California public schools?

2.     From the applicant’s Alliant University field supervisor (mentor): how has this applicant/teacher demonstrated excellence in working with English Language Learners? Discuss their capacity for constructive self-reflection in their professional practice. Discuss this applicant’s disposition to engage in new and challenging experiences to advance their professional capacity as a public school teacher in California.


Applications are due concurrently with the program application no later than February 15, 2012.
Letters of scholarship application should be addressed electronically to Dr. Trudy Day [tday (at) alliant (dot) edu] with “Escabosa Scholarship” in the subject line.  Awards will be announced on March 1, 2012.