Program Reader

As you prepare to participate in the Program, we encourage you to expand your understanding of the culture and history of Mexico as well as your engagement in the global perspective-taking that the program encourages. A dynamic collection of readings, including book exerpts, articles, and websites, address the areas below:

  • In the Beginning: A history of modern Mexico
  • Geography and Space: Greater Mexico City
  • The Mexican Consciousness & Identify
  • The Politics and Protest of Mexico
  • Religion, Ritual and Traditions
  • Language is Culture
  • el Otro Lado: The Other Side
  • Cross-Cultural Studies
Participants will have access to the readings on the Alliant library website after March 1, 2012.

Additional Printed Resources

If you are looking to read more about Mexico to supplement the Program Reader contents, the San Francisco Chronicle recently posted a list of chosen books about Mexico. They can be found here: