Workshops and Field Excursions

A unique aspect of the HSOE Mexico City Cultural Immersion program is the opportunity to visit places of historical, cultural and political importance in Mexico City, and then immediately participate in guided discussion with local experts to "dig deep" into the sites' significance to the culture and impact on the immigrant student in California schools.

Workshops and Field Excursions provide context for the history, current issues and themes covered throughout the program, and to deepen participants' understanding of them.

Workshops and Field Excursions are further supported by the contents of the Program Reader, divided into the following thematic areas:
  • In the Beginning: A history of modern Mexico
  • Geography and Space: Greater Mexico City
  • The Mexican Consciousness & Identify
  • The Politics and Protest of Mexico
  • Religion, Ritual and Traditions
  • Language is Culture
  • el Otro Lado: The Other Side
  • Cross-Cultural Studies
The Sample Itinerary is filled with details of the topics of discussion and field trip locations, including the Zócalo, the Palacio National, Chapultepec Park, Teotihuacán and more.