TES 7040: Development of Cross-Cultural Competencies

This three-unit course is a core requirement in all Master's programs within the Hufstedler School of Education. The course is delivered online by Dr. Guisela Chupina during the summer term. Embedded within this summer 2011 delivery is the Cultural Immersion Program in Mexico City. Students enrolled in this course have the option to participate in the Cultural Immersion Program as an enhancement to the course. Course registration is not required to participate in the Cultural Immersion Program. Nonetheless, targeted course learning outcomes, such as development of cross-cultural competencies, are expected on any level of engagement in the program.

The course overview reflects the focus and mission of the Mexico City Cultural Immersion Program: TES 7040 examines the influence of culture and society on educational systems and communities. It focuses on the nature and manifestation of culture, cultural interactions, and diversity in California, the U.S. and other global settings. Students will investigate the values, behaviors, and beliefs of cultural groups and the development of multicultural and cross-cultural communication skills. The course promotes culturally inclusive instruction and provides students with opportunities to develop in-depth knowledge of English as Second Language (ESL) learners’ educational experiences. Students will apply their knowledge of cultural concepts to designing inclusive learning environments, teaching strategies, and curriculum towards implementing culturally responsive teaching.

Candidates enrolled in this course can take advantage of an excellent opportunity to learn through on-ground experience while earning credit toward their Master of Arts in Education (MAE) degree. The course will be delivered to enrollees who are also part of the Cultural Immerson program online for six of the eight weeks, and in Mexico City with Dr. Chupina for the other two weeks. The course follows Alliant's summer calendar, and begins the week of June 4, 2012. Course registrants are expected to participate in the course in its entirety, both online and in Mexico City.

Enrollment in TES 7040 is optional for all program participants. Cost is $1210, which represents the full tuition ($1710 for the three-unit course) and a scholarship of $500 for all course registrants who also attend the Cultural Immersion program.

Individuals who are not current Alliant students but want to take the course may elect to take the course as a non-matriculating student.

A sample course syllabus from 2011 is attached below. This document is subject to change, however, and is not considered final until given directly to course participants.
Jayme Mogen,
Feb 24, 2011, 3:51 PM