The Hufstedler School of Education Cultural Immersion program will take place between June 30 - July 15, 2012. It encompasses several interconnected but distinct aspects:

Home Stay
All participants in the program will stay with local families during the program. We believe this to be a critical aspect of a cultural immersion program: there is no better way to experience Mexico City than by living with someone local. All host families are within walking distance of the Alliant Mexico City campus and most are used to hosting international travelers. See the Home Stay page for more details.

Spanish Language Development
Classes in Spanish language will be offered to speakers at all levels, from those with no Spanish language to experienced speakers.

Workshops and Field Excursions
Dr. Monique Taylor, Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs at Alliant's Mexico City campus, will lead a series of workshops, day trips and other excursions designed to deepen participants' understanding of Mexican life and culture. Visits will include the Zócalo, Museo Frida Kahlo, the ancient city of Teotihuacan, and many more. Workshops may include round table discussions with local educational leaders and guest speakers on topics such as gangs and Mexican youth, traditional healing practices and more. A Program Reader of selected articles, book chapters and websites will supplement the Workshops and Field Excursions.

TES 7040: Development of Cross-Cultural Competencies
Led by Alliant faculty member Dr. Guisela Chupina, the Master's course TES 7040 will be taught on-ground during the program in Mexico City in addition to its online components. Please visit the TES 7040: Development of Cross-Cultural Competencies page for the course syllabus and expectations.  This course is optional for participants of the Cultural Immersion program. TES 7040 will be taught on the University Summer calendar.

The Sample Itinerary shows each of these program components in context of the whole program.