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  • 006. Oxford Plus for students If you have one of these books you can have access to these digital resources
    Publicado a las 14 sept. 2016 1:14 por Departamento Inglés
  • 005. School year calendar (2016-2017) This is the calendar for the following school year in Málaga, which we will use to organise the course. We will have to add the local festivals too. Click here ...
    Publicado a las 28 jul. 2016 2:59 por Departamento Inglés
  • 004. Visiting the airport Forty students, most of them from  the Proyecto Integrado "English Conversation" class  and two teachers are visiting Pablo Picasso Airport on Wednesday, 4th May 2016.  They leave the school at ...
    Publicado a las 4 may. 2016 10:50 por Departamento Inglés
  • 003. Resit subjects / Asignaturas pendientes Those students who failed English in September will retake the exam on 5th February.  You must study hard and give in your assignments to your teacher.Good luck!
    Publicado a las 6 feb. 2016 0:12 por Departamento Inglés
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